Cognitive Decision Management

Decrease the meantime to resolution and decision by gaining access to all your data.

Our AI/NLP achieves state-of-the-art performance over competing solutions, while running at ~80 times the speed.
The HumanTouch Difference

Leverage one of a kind NLP

Drive transformational success using Ai/NLP that delivers speed and accuracy and gets smarter over time. Human factor intelligence makes the most out of your investments in staff and existing technology. We partner with technologies already in place to encapsulate existing data and information.

Humanizing Ai

We are taking a human-focused approach to Ai/NLP to deliver outcomes and exponential responsiveness at the speed of relevance. Developing a multi-domain decision picture enables decision leaders to be conclusive and decisive in their decisions without waiting for data.

Driving Real Success

Use Ai and NLP to understand patterns that revolutionize how agencies:

See across the enterprise or portfolios and interact with data

Aggregate and leverage disparate data across multiple sources for real-time engagement

Make decisions with real time information

Reference historical information that explains past decisions

Expand what we articulate, and we want to know

Scale and be up and running in 30 days with no building or rip & replace

Apply our Ai/NLP solutions for Compliance, Risk Assessment, Cybersecurity, Budgets, Adds and Offsets

Highest security levels already at work in the DoD and federal civilian agencies

Meet your mission on time and on budget

Delivering a data-driven course of action with real-time analysis from multi-domains

Save hundreds of staff hours and eliminate data calls and cumbersome reporting

Gain faster evidence-based decision management and meantime to resolution

Making sense out of the mountains of data

We help government agencies leverage technology in untapped ways and deliver impactful solutions.

Our team transformed how this client ingested and collected their data by providing a single source of truth management.

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We optimized the client’s current data systems and leveraged all their data to make their IT infrastructure smarter.

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Our software provided intelligence analysts the information necessary to detect and eliminate fake news. 

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Delivering mission success.

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