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Bill Liberti
Donna Payton
Rich Hill
Travis Johnson
Mario Suarez


Cyber Security Data Management

Challenge: The inability to determine and articulate security risk posture, key trends and overall program maturity left data nearly inaccessible as it was spread across multiple tools and spreadsheets. Data calls often asking for similar

Critical Supply Delivery

Challenge: Critical medical supplies needed to be delivered while minimizing personnel risk.

Internet of Things & Big Data

Challenge: The Client needed to ease their energy utilization and management functions. Energy data needed to be aggregated and visualized from disparate software enabled sensing and controlling devices. They needed to develop dynamic, scalable, and

Portfolio Project Management

Challenge: A major Department of Defense (DoD) client had more than 1000 ongoing projects with no centralized, standardized way to track their progress and status. Their projects lacked visibility and they had difficulty accessing funding and needs.

Accelerating and informing IT decisions

Challenge: Shrinking budgets and failure to meet objectives cripple business and limit the impact of employing the right Information Technology (IT) at the right time.  IT becomes the restrictor which impedes Business from achieving their value

Optimizing Marine Corps Program Management

Challenge: Marine Corps Systems Command Total Force Information Technology Systems product group had multiple support contractors providing overlapping capabilities.  This caused communication challenges and additional Program Management cost due to

Transforming IT financial management

Challenge: Marine Corps System Command was performing financial management of 28 desperate information technology systems using multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  This created a configuration management and information transparency challenge.

Safeguarding the Investors

Challenge: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission mission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.  To insure the confidentiality,  integrity, and availability of their data, it

Enhancing IT support for FDA remote users

Challenge: The Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 changed the work landscape of many federal agencies.  Telework increases FDA employee productivity, reduces the carbon footprint and aids in Continuity of Operations (COOP). However, when a teleworking

Overcoming a Significant Network Outage with a “Human Touch”

Challenge: Over 6000 FDA customers were disconnected from the FDA network in a matter of hours. We received a record number of calls to our Help Desk, but the actual problem and a resolution was not yet known, leaving these customers with no way to