Applied AI/NLP for Live Data Decision Management

The challenge of building an agency budget around processes like the PPBE, POM, Capital planning, are wrought with data trapped in tens of thousands of spreadsheets. The time and skills required by humans to process that information takes weeks or years. Tracking, changes, human error, and the inability to view collective data make it more cumbersome. Applying AI/NLP is the game changer. HumanTouch has worked on these complex systems to analyze, characterize and transform our client’s data into a decision solution that build upon the mission.  

HT supported a branch of the Armed Forces to integrate AI/NLP solutions across all existing software sources to create live data interactions and get corporate visibility across the full scope of their program portfolios. The solution identified programs similarities and redundancies and accessed a collection of data encompassing schedule, budget/spend, and resource availability, plus the ability to see alternative budgeting options within a “scenario” feature. With a single source of truth management of all data, PMAs/PEOs/PMWs were provided full visualization of program and portfolio relationships and a roll up of status, value, staffing, parameters, funding, and deadlines.

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