Overcoming a Significant Network Outage with a “Human Touch”

Challenge: Over 6000 FDA customers were disconnected from the FDA network in a matter of hours. We received a record number of calls to our Help Desk, but the actual problem and a resolution was not yet known, leaving these customers with no way to complete their work.

Solution: Our FDA Help Desk, Deskside Support and IT Lab teams pulled together to look at the problem and determine what was causing it. They reviewed possible network issues, firewall blocks and PC-image based problems. By collaborating, they determined that the problem was caused by a corrupt anti-virus .dat file. However, they could not get to the PCs remotely to issue a correct software push.

Value Added Outcomes: Working side by side with the FDA support staff, we methodically went to each FDA center and desk to help make manual changes to the customer PCs, allowing them to get back on the network. We worked for a 24 hour period to make sure that every one of the 6000 was contacted and put back on the network. While a significant manual effort, it is a perfect example of what we will do to help our customers succeed. Truly service with a “Human Touch”.

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