4 Advantages HumanTouch Can Bring to Your Project/Portfolio Management

The HumanTouch Portfolio Management Solution has proven to streamline IT organization and deliver results. The Department of Defense (DoD) was struggling to track progress and access funding for over 1,000 projects. HumanTouch set out to implement an on-premise PaaS/SaaS that significantly increased productivity and was able to do so in 90 days.

This took the DoD's preparation for PMRS from a multi-month effort to a much more accurate one that takes less than two days. They are now able to dynamically generate quarterly internal review templates, and produce scorecard-based project portfolio assessments and reporting capabilities. 

In a similar effort, the HT solution was able to help the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) program and project managers streamline program costs, schedules and performance while providing senior leaders “near real-time” situational awareness of the programs’ status. 

Today, DISA continues to adapt and grow management information and decision-support functionality in monthly sprints driving new and enhanced capabilities to their users. The program will now save an estimated $2 million a year in salary costs related to managing projects and portfolios.

The HT way

By working side by side with our clients, we ensure cost savings by doing more with less. Our solution provides organizations the ability to manage and aggregate data from multiple sources, giving a holistic and operational view from any level of an organization. We work to give you the data you need to optimize decision-making and ensure you achieve strategic and tactical objectives in real time.

We offer a highly configurable, out-of-the-box, integrated application that serves as a flexible foundation for managing your business – providing executives, project managers, portfolio/program managers and other business stakeholders the tools they need to achieve their strategic and tactical objectives.

1. Flexibility 

Our application includes an array of business functionalities that adapt to the way you manage projects, portfolios and programs. Create as many dashboards as you need to drill down into details, conditional formatting and dynamic PPTX generator.

Plan, track and modify your work/projects to accommodate your schedule with robust, interactive scheduling engine and Gantt charting.

2. Responsive to change 

The HT solution is designed to evolve to new requirements as they are identified by the organization, enabling you to configure using accelerators, wizards, and drag and drop.

Our flexible application doesn’t require you to write any code. It supports standard web development tools to get you that one custom feature you absolutely need.

This single application is customizable for an array of different solutions, allowing you to configure reports and watch them populate in real-time with the most recent, updated information.

Set specific thresholds that display out-of-scope items by time, dollars or resources. 

3. Improved decision support 

Our solution gives the user complete control of the look and feel of their data and reports.

Optimize analyses and decision-making by visualizing data from across all your projects, portfolios and programs. The application ensures a consistent, curated collection of data across the organization that can be readily aggregated, analyzed and shared.

We ensure that no data is duplicated. Users connect to almost any external data source for full read/write capabilities and enterprise reporting with Excel, Access, SQL Reporting Services and more.

4. Reduced costs and risk

Identify, assess, rank and track all risks and issues while managing estimated vs. actual costs to ensure you stay under budget.

With the HT solution, projects are completed in one-fifth the time and half the cost because the capabilities are deployed in less time, with less risk, making them more cost-effective than custom app development. 

Our application is faster and cheaper to implement, easier to modify and extend, and easier to maintain.

Read more about what HT’s Project and Portfolio Management Solution enabled the DoD to accomplish in this case study.

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