Just-in-Time Application Methodology (JAM) Sessions

JAM Sessions are platforms that bring together teams to work in real-time to identify challenges and focus on innovation.

Our methodology for agile collaboration and execution

We use our proprietary JAM Sessions to deliver innovative problem-solving. They bring together diverse stakeholders to develop collaborative customer experience (CX) solutions to new requirements, ideas, or concepts.

Here's how it works:



JAM Session participants are typically stakeholders who know and have worked in the technical area, understand the client mission and key processes, and appreciate the challenges and complexities of the current and projected IT environments.



HT identifies all relevant stakeholders and works with all parties involved to ensure full participation.



HT designs and runs JAM Sessions to be social, mobile, and collaborative; offering clients a safe and innovative environment to test ideas and concepts, and to architect and experience real-time solutions.



JAM Sessions are quick-paced and ensure fast solution delivery. They are focused on designing a ready and available functionality that can be deployed at that point in time. Stakeholders can experience the solution instantly, instead of after lengthy design, development, and implementation timelines.



In step five, we model and test new functions, using JAM Sessions to engineer and test future consolidation or other improvement activities without having to perform detailed requirements or convince stakeholders.



Finally, JAM Sessions follow a Launch, Learn, and Grow methodology and encourage fast failure to learn what works and what does not. HT continually captures lessons learned and integrates updated or improved processes or solutions based on those results.

Delivering mission success.

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