Connect2IT! Kiosk Solves the Customer Experience Technology Problem with Immediate Personalized Service and Live Technicians

Connect2IT! Kiosk Solves the Customer Experience Technology Problem with Immediate Personalized Service and Live Technicians

Computer Help Desk & Concierge IT Service Delivers the High Touch that Keeps People Working and Supported

We are accustomed to the convenience of using technology to get more work done around our frenetic business and personal time schedules. People have never been busier, more distracted, or moving in more directions than modern man. Technology has made its way into daily experiences from smart technology appliances to virtual reality and drones. While AR games allow us new immersive experiences and robotic vacuums are a cleaning efficiency, we often find technology lacking connection. Human engagement is still very necessary.

Spend 60 seconds with a bot that does not understand your request or objectives and the efficiency aspect goes up in smoke. Then you wait for an email or text from customer service to make an appointment to fix whatever isn’t working.

Every minute waiting for service is compounded and time lost has powerful chain reactions. Our businesses, daily work, and personal lives are completely embedded in a do-loop of technology. In 2014, Gartner reported that one minute of downtime cost companies an average of $5,600 per minute and Forbes last year estimated that one minute of down time on automotive production lines cost $22,000.00.

The President’s Management Agenda Executive Order 14058 charges Government be “accountable for designing and delivering services with a focus on the actual experience of the people whom it is meant to serve.” As government contractors in support of federal missions, we need to focus on how to give the workforce not only technology but a holistic consideration that factors in economy of time and budget, as well as a superior outcome.

That brings us to the need to expedite and expand how we keep departments and agencies “running,” from a purely IT perspective. If the laptop or device isn’t working, neither is the staff member. Examining help desk as a Customer Experience directive is an opportunity to leverage both human and technology innovations. We can maximize effectiveness of help desk teams by providing a variety of ways for customers to access help, from bots that can handle certain formulas like password resets, to orchestrated upgrades across an entire department by way of smart lockers. The concept is to turn CX and Customer Service into Customer Success.

The HumanTouch patented Connect2IT! Kiosk delivers the marriage of “live” human IT support staff with remote secure connection at a kiosk. Within locations in Health and Human Services, the mission is to provide 24/7/365 IT support that offers onsite solutions for Executive Care, Device Replacement, Device repair, as well as inventory management and just as important, supplemental support for on-site help desk departments, without waiting.

The Connect2IT! Kiosk applies best practices from traditional Incident support environments and adds 24-hour accessibility. Research and development doesn’t sleep and now neither does the IT support necessary to keep our engineers and scientists working throughout their shifts.

The EO states “we must use technology to modernize Government and implement services that are simple to use, accessible, equitable, protective, transparent, and responsive for all …”

The Connect2IT Kiosk is a natural progression from the kiosks you find in other government agencies and business locations. From ATMs to the USPS, we are accustomed to using kiosks to expedite services, but they sometimes fall short if the user needs something different than the programed services. Adding the “live” remote human support team within kiosks delivers one-on-one tailored customer experiences and rapid solutions. This turns your CX into CS (customer success).

Connect2IT kiosks deployed in remote government regional offices, and in common areas of agency buildings increase opportunity and access for quick support. Adding smart lockers, that we recognize from online shopping experiences like Amazon Hub, keep backup equipment on standby or make it possible to orchestrate entire departmental upgrades. Consider busy executives traveling and experience technical difficulties, or those who are going overseas and need computers with security features. In moments, the kiosk delivers a government device replacement, with no waiting or downtime.

Looking ahead to how we integrate next level technology into work environments, we need to focus on how to provide great customer experiences while delivering efficiencies and improved processes. We anticipate the Connect2IT! Kiosk will be a tool we can adapt to address other needs within a federal space, from virus and temperature scans, to CAC card readers, time keeping, and an array of possibilities. We just need to keep pushing the innovation envelope with the federal customer in mind.

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