Cross-functional Automated
Resolution Technology

We leverage Ai to optimize your current help desk infrastructure, transforming how you manage help desk resources.

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Transforming how businesses manage their IT infrastructure

Automate and improve your Incident Analysis with intelligence and solutions based on historical data and statistics. Connect and streamline training, response times, predictive solutions, and leverage Ai/NLP into your environment. Agencies save time, money, and resources by leveraging root cause analysis and knowledge bases.

Sift through knowledge bases
more effectively

CART reads unstructured data embedded in current and historical incidents, trouble tickets, and knowledge bases. It provides a visual representation of the root causes, repeat issues, and systemic problems.

Identify the root-cause of technical problems more efficiently

HumanTouch’s CART uses Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide the root cause analysis of structured and unstructured data and solve problems faster. CART integrates with existing systems through seamless API and flat files.

HumanTouch IT Infrastructure Management powered by Ai/NLP:

Reads at 8k sentences per second

Learns as your system grows

Works with existing ITSM tools

Provides a visual view of root causes

Drives problem resolution

Increases customer satisfaction

Enabling Teams to make informed Decisions.

Our Ai/NLP provides a learning environment that makes your IT Infrastructure staff smarter, turning your administrators and technicians into analysts.

Proven Ai/NLP Technology

Currently deployed and optimized in the DoD and federal government with 86% accuracy.

High-level Overview

Access and leverage information in large datasets to make better decisions in real-time.

Single Source of Truth

Explore duplicate areas of resolution, capability dependencies, projects running behind schedule, and other applications.

Reading Dark Data

Ai/NLP understanding and application of notes and other unstructured data in ticketing systems, knowledge bases, and other documents.

Data Management

Reads Terabytes of unstructured data and visualizes connections automatically through relationships and attributes determined by our Ai.

CART provides a Shift Left solution with the power to turn historical data and resolutions into a training ground for your team, empowering them to gain confidence quickly.

Delivering mission success.

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