Safe IT Support for Federal Agencies

Agencies are struggling to find a COVID solution for supporting staff and servicing IT equipment - without mailing or losing inventory. Live technicians keep your staff working with minimal downtime by providing support through the Connect2IT! Kiosk and Smart Storage Locker. Get equipment serviced, repaired or replaced with zero-contact remote services.

Personalized, safe IT support for your Federal agency.

Remote IT experts.

Live technician accessibility through encrypted video and network connections, providing high quality socially distant service.

Cost effective.

Centrally located IT experts reduce the cost of on-site technicians, gaining economies of scale and eliminating costs for lost inventory.

Any time of day.

Live customer support (6 feet or 600 miles away) secured at your organization’s HQ, District or Regional offices – no appointments.

Connect2IT! Kiosk


Customer access to expert technicians for PC & iOS/Android devices (laptops, phones & tablets) for troubleshooting, triage, refresh or replacement


Encrypted technician/customer interaction using innovative technology and unique pin access


Section 508 and ADA compliant with screen reader, text zoom & headphone access

Connect2IT! Kiosk and Smart Locker


Socially distant and no contact for customers but with same high-quality services


Expert badged IT support 24/7-365, for extensive troubleshooting/replacement/refresh support


Provides enhanced asset tracking, keeping PCs secure and easily monitored. Remotely.

Smart Locker.

A one-stop, no touch Kiosk and Smart Locker system that offers IT Support, as well as extended IT repair. Leverage the locker to quickly exchange a device that needs extensive IT Support with a loaner, replacement or refreshed device – getting employees back to work with minimal downtime or delays.

• All equipment is sanitized according to CDC guidelines.

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HumanTouch Connect2IT! Kiosk: 
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