Do You Know What Your Cloud Is Missing?

The cloud infrastructure is great, but if you are not actually doing something with that infrastructure, you are wasting money.

Below are the four core pillars of the HT Cloud Ecosystem that will help you get the most value for your cloud storage budget:

  1. Cloud Management: enabling provision and setting up your billing profiles for your customers.
  1. Business Continuity: having the tools necessary to provide redundancy.
  1. Security: ensuring the cloud instances you’ve set up are compliant with your security policy. 
  1. PaaS/SaaS: We use Coras Platform as a Service, a business intelligent, low-code/no-code tool that enables you to build business solutions in the cloud.

HT has the resources necessary to make your cloud transition a smooth one. Our expert team will help you implement the appropriate combination of these pieces to give you optimal functionality in the cloud, instead of simply having infrastructure for the sake of having infrastructure.