The experienced, talented, hard-working and technically savvy HumanTouch team members take pride in providing the exact solutions users expect through flexible, adaptive methodology at a low risk to stakeholders. We are always looking for ways to help our customers enhance the quality and efficiency, reduce costs, streamline operations as well as save travel time and document management tasks by utilizing new tools and taking advantage of new technology trends. Whether you’re looking for Portmanteau Solution Development, Custom SharePoint Integration or Agile and Rapid Application Development, our responsive solutions will allow your agency to thrive. Our laser sharp focus, flexibility, responsiveness and strict adherence to federal guidelines, policies and mandates, makes us the clear choice for your software development needs.

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Our services include the following:

  • Requirements Development
  • Design and Engineering Analysis
  • Agile and Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Custom SharePoint Integration
  • Systems Engineering
  • System Integration and Management
  • Research and Development

JAM Sessions!

HumanTouch JAM Sessions are a new and exciting way to create solutions that produce results in a matter of hours. Just in Time Application Modeling (JAM) uses a highly configurable, scalable and mobile-enabled Platform as a Service (PaaS), to completely reinvent how solutions are designed, developed and implemented to achieve production-ready status faster than ever before.

 Learn more about our " JAM Sessions "  to configure, test and deploy production ready Cloud Apps. 

Learn more about our "JAM Sessions"  to configure, test and deploy production ready Cloud Apps.