Internet of Things & Big Data

Challenge: The Client needed to ease their energy utilization and management functions. Energy data needed to be aggregated and visualized from disparate software enabled sensing and controlling devices. They needed to develop dynamic, scalable, and rapidly deployable monitoring applications in a PaaS and SaaS environment.

Solution: HumanTouch was able to establish a Cloud-based environment and virtual machines to collect and house VOLLTRON™️ information. Five reporting applications were built and deployed that use VOLLTRON™️ information to visualize and report utilization across Whole Building Energy, Air Handling Systems and Heat Pump (HVAC) Reporting, Lighting Utilization and an Economizer for Environmental Condition Management real-time analytics. To effectively handle and analyze Big Data, OpenEIS algorithms were integrated into 2 of the 5 applications to implement processes to aggregate and structure VOLLTRON™️ information.

Value Added Outcomes: This solution was built in less than 30 days to tie together information from low cost sensors. Comprehensive dashboards were created to provide trend analysis and decision making.

Internet of Things & Big Data

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