HumanTouch Implements Web and Phone-based Ethics Hotline

HumanTouch, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its web- and phone-based Ethics Hotline.  HumanTouch’s Hotline allows employees to raise issues which could adversely affect other employees, customers or the organization.  The Hotline is a timely reporting option that provides a confidential way for employees to report potential wrongdoing outside the normal avenues of command.  The Hotline preserves confidentiality and ensures non-retaliation.  To file a report, HumanTouch employees have the option of using a secure, customized web-based reporting solution or by calling a 24/7 toll free phone number manned by live support staff.  All reports receive immediate and confidential attention from appropriate persons within the HumanTouch organization.

Access to the Hotline can be found here:

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