Connect2IT! Kiosk offers socially distant support for HHS

Challenge: Our Federal Health & Human Services client needed IT support for 10,000 employees on multiple campuses. The abrupt shift to working-from-home due to Covid-19 posed many questions surrounding how staff could access IT support. Challenges to be considered included tech support availability & expense, meeting CDC guidelines, and the sheer volume of employees who needed support.

Solution: HumanTouch created a Kiosk as a Service solution and Smart Locker, which enabled live technicians to support a vast number of employees 24/7/365, safely and effectively through centralized Kiosks. Smart lockers provided IT device replacement, low-touch PC upgrade/refresh and Executive Care support. Connect2IT! kiosks provide live IT support on secure networks giving federal staff a high-quality socially distant customer service experience.

Value Added Outcome(s):

- Gain economies of scale by reducing cost of on-site support

- Reduce costs associated with missed tech support appointments (no appointments necessary for the use of the Kiosk)

- Enhance asset tracking, reduced costs of shipping and/or lost inventory

- Enable equipment service, repairs, and replacements with zero-contact

- Deliver Section 508 and ADA Compliant IT services

- Compatible with PC & iOS/Android devices

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