An Injection of “Gen Z” Could be What You Need to Win That Contract

There is good news on the horizon for companies who chase Federal Government contracts.

We have all been there – working long days and weekends to meet hard deadlines while operating in the unforgiving competitive environment. Finding staff with the right mix of capabilities coupled with a willingness to sacrifice is routinely a challenge. However, reinforcements are on the way. A new class, Generation Z, is hitting the workforce and companies that embrace them will experience a refreshing acceptance of these challenges.

How Gen Z fits into the mix

Gen Zs are the employees born in 1997 or later and will comprise one-third of the population by 2020. They are the largest generation in history and just as the millennials before them demanded a different mindset for leadership and motivational skills, the Gen Z employee will force a new approach for leadership. These new employees are quite different than the Millennial and Gen X employees, but these differences align nicely with the attitude and skills needed to succeed at bid and proposal work.


The winning mentality

A recent Forbes article provided a comparison of the motivational factors of Gen Z in comparison to the millennial employee. For the Gen Z employee, “money and job security are their top motivators.” These shifts in mindset are driven by the global recession. The Gen Z employee witnessed firsthand the impacts of their parents losing a job or a home. For this reason, Gen Z prioritizes job security.

The key to hiring Gen Z is less about benefits packages and more about the day-to-day work experience. They're looking for a situation in which they're not just a number, but someone who can directly contribute to the company's success.

The article also states that the Gen Z employee is far more competitive with a focus on winning. They are driven to financial reward and are willing to work longer or after hours to meet a goal so long as they see that a monetary benefit can be gained. This eagerness to work translates to a quicker return on employee investment. It also makes them exceptional team members for proposal work with its call for longer hours and a highly competitive environment.

Redefining “tech-savvy”

Gen Z has never known a world where the internet was not in the palm of their hand. They are the most technically savvy employees to hit the workforce, bringing exceptional IT capabilities and fresh perspectives on how to utilize them.

This will provide the basis for a smooth transition into a savvy proposal manager who can demonstrate how winning a contract can bring additional security and financial rewards  to the company. Just be prepared to answer questions as the Gen Z employee is more likely to go to Google for advice first then go to their supervisor for validation of that search!

The future

Business development teams and their proposal managers are about to see the impact of the Gen Z employees who are more inclined to work harder and more efficiently, with a focus on competitive success.

HumanTouch places a special emphasis on embracing this generation. We see the immediate and long-term benefits that this group’s innovative skillset will have on our work and look forward to implementing them into our mission.

*Millennials vs. Generation Z, research credit: SMARTTRIBES INSTITUTE

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