JAM Sessions

For business managers who need solutions now and don’t have the time for traditional implementation.

Music to our ears!

HumanTouch JAM Sessions are a new and exciting way to create solutions that produce results in a matter of hours. Just in Time Application Modeling (JAM) uses a highly configurable, scalable and mobile-enabled Platform as a Service (PaaS) to completely reinvent how solutions are designed, developed and implemented. Achieve production-ready status faster than ever before.

JAM Sessions are highly interactive, focusing on producing real-time results that you can see. The fun and highly collaborative environment encourages innovation and pursues high-value solutions by implementing “on the fly”.

Who Uses JAM Sessions?

JAM Sessions are business focused. 90% of the time spent during a typical JAM Session is focused on quickly modeling and testing new ideas, completely shielded from technology constraints. This is accomplished through a suite of pre-built services that can be configured, tested and re-configured in real time to truly “make music.” Attendees are typically stakeholders who have business experience, understand the mission and key processes, and have an appreciation for the challenges and complexities of today’s environments and tomorrow’s opportunities.

What Type of Solutions Can I Create?

JAM Sessions are best suited for building “edge” applications that are data intensive and complement existing systems or business processes. The applications are typically very social, mobile and collaboration-based and often require executive-level dashboards to provide dynamic visual reports. Examples include:
  • Extensions to ERP systems
  • Environments that promote collaboration and data entry across a distributed base of stakeholders
  • Integration platforms that pull and organization information from multiple data sources
  • Micro-apps to support on-demand changes to business processes
  • and dozens of other scenarios and use cases.

JAM Sessions Return on Investment

Creating a great song requires a mix of instruments, tools and people working together towards a common vision or script. JAM Sessions are no different. They offer clients a secure and innovative environment to test ideas and concepts. Attendees work together to architect and experience real-time solutions that come to life from a spark of an idea. JAM Sessions offer tremendous value in areas of:
  • Value Realization – solutions are configured in real-time allowing stakeholders to experience the solution instantly, instead of lengthy design, development and implementation timelines.
  • Accelerating Time to Market – JAM Session are fast and always production ready. JAM Sessions are not focused on developing or customizing software, but rather configuring production ready functionality that can be deployed instantly. JAM Sessions follow a Launch, Learn and Grow methodology and encourages fast failure to learn what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Complexity and Cost Reduction – model and test new functions that may be performed by systems or applications which are being supported externally, use JAM Sessions to engineer and test future consolidation activities without having to perform detailed requirements or convincing stakeholders.
  • Innovation – JAM Sessions completely commoditize infrastructure and technologies and allow business and IT stakeholders to work together, in real-time, to focus on innovation and leverage the power of the Cloud.
  • Compliant – JAM Sessions solutions are built using an industry leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) that has been implemented over 250,000 times by 100,000+ private and public sector customers. Within the Federal agency commity, that same PaaS solution has been implemented over 500 times, and has received dozens of ATO’s and FedRAMP certifications.

Case Studies

Healthcare Organization

HumanTouch executed multiple JAM Sessions for a Large Government Healthcare Organization. The objective was to develop a new platform to enable over 33,000 stakeholders and assist in accelerating mission results and reducing backoffice complexity.

Government Client

HumanTouch executed multiple JAM Sessions for a Government Client to simplify contract and procurement administration, strengthen program requirements and improve information transparency through an innovative set of social tools.

Department of Defense

HumanTouch executed multiple JAM Sessions for a Department of Defense client to develop real-time mission readiness reporting and dashboard capability through single point of data entry, automatic data rollup, and illustrative dashboards.