Decision Management for the DoD

Leaders can view multiple scenarios with CORAS’ Decision Management Toolset.™ Work smarter and make data-driven business decisions with a single source of truth.

Imagine your weapons test is delayed for unforeseen reasons. You need to know when personnel, inventory, range and other resources are next aligned to complete the test. It could be a spreadsheet nightmare to correlate and coordinate this activity, but it's not. With CORAS, your dashboard shows you exactly what resources are available and when -- in real time.

Imagine you’re tasked with equipment strategy for present, near term, and the future to advance departmental capabilities. How do you have a clear understanding of your assets when data is kept in multiple documents? CORAS aggregates scattered data; designed to understand relationships between assets, leaders can perform robust “what-if” analyses and excursions. Know more than how much a program costs, but see its impact on the mission, on other programs, and its relationship to your capabilities in real time.

CORAS is already working within the DoD increasing the speed of warfighting innovation. CORAS' Cloud platform puts next-generation science and technology behind their Decision Management Toolset™ to automate the DoD’s (PPBE, TOA, POM, assets, and resources) complex programs and portfolios.

CORAS Programs Gives the DoD the Decision Management Toolset it Needs for Warfighter Support. We are dedicated to transforming the way DoD leaders make decisions in planning and budgeting military assets and programs.

How can CORAS provide solutions to your business challenges?

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DoD Customer Solutions

Strategic Asset Management

Challenge - The DoD is facing a large caliber problem. It needs to know what to buy in the present, the near term, and the future to advance its capabilities and execute the mission. The data they need to achieve this is stove-piped, scattered everywhere, and sometimes exists nowhere at all. And yet DoD still tasked with making decisions that will affect the architecture of the military for the next 30-40 years.

Solution - CORAS helps make this challenge manageable by breaking through the stove-pipes, aggregating the scattered data, and presenting the information DoD leadership needs to inform decisions in real-time. Because CORAS is built to understand relationships between assets, leaders can perform robust “what-if” analysis and excursions to identify any present and future effects of their decisions.

Programming Dollars

Challenge - To fund, or not to fund – that is the question. The DoD has to make these difficult program funding decisions every day. The problem with this today is that it’s often done in a binary format, informed only by a line item on a spreadsheet. Balancing dollars across programs, portfolios, and sites multiplies the problem’s complexity a hundred-fold. DoD needs to make these decisions with the most complete set of information possible to ensure that the things they fund align with the mission.

Solution - CORAS brings rich context to program funding decisions by putting all the necessary information right at the fingertips of DoD leaders. Knowing not just how much a program costs, but seeing its impact on the mission, its impact on other programs, and its relationship to the military’s capabilities is the power of what CORAS provides DoD leadership. It’s about the difference between making a decision and making the right decision.

Managing Programs

Challenge - When data lives in numerous different systems, across many projects, it can be almost impossible for the DoD to get the information it needs, in the time-frame it needs it. This is not just because of the number of projects, programs and portfolios – many times there are many different roles managing different pieces of the schedule, financials, and risks all on the same project. And this is even before contractors are brought into the mix.

- CORAS solves this challenge today by giving all roles in a Program a common, single point of entry to get a clear picture of what is going on at any level within the agency. All the information needed to get every member of the team on the same page can be ingested from existing applications or data sources and transformed to paint an accurate, standardized brief - automati-cally. Each tier, from senior leadership down to project execution, can get the facts in less than the time it takes to skim the front page of the newspaper.

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