August 14, 2017

HumanTouch SVP Rick Hill Featured in Federal Times: Why it’s time to ‘liberate’ IT from vendor lock-in


Everyone likes pizza, right? Especially because we have so many options when we buy a pie ― from thin crust New York style to Chicago deep dish to fancy flatbread versions. What’s more, there’s no limitation to the toppings we can select, from traditional sausages and pepperoni and peppers to even broccoli and zucchini and pineapple and barbequed bison. And if you don’t want traditional mozzarella cheese, that’s fine: Try feta, goat, parmesan, gouda, etc.

Given all of this, we wouldn’t order a pizza from a place that would tell us, “If you do business with us, you have to get the same pizza every time, or pay additional charges for ‘new pizza product.’ If you want to do that, you’ll need to allow us at least one month to develop the new pizza product, although it could take two or three months, or longer.” I mean, this would be absurd. Obviously, we’d walk away and look for another pizza joint. As consumers, this “freedom of choice” also applies to the way we shop for furniture, televisions, computers, cars, cookware, shoes, digital entertainment, etc.

So why doesn’t it apply to the way many organizations invest in technology?

Read more of this article at the Federal Times.


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