Businesses need to comply with CMMC in order to be awarded Department of Defense (DoD) contracts - as a Prime or Subcontractor.

What is CMMC?

​The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is an evolving initiative that builds off of the tenets of DFARS 252.204-7012 , which establishes the need for contractors to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) by providing adequate security controls in their non-federal information systems.

Translation: If you currently do work for the DoD or plan on doing work with them in the future, from mowing the lawn to handling freight or documents and data, you have some cyber hygiene to do – NOW.​

What is the CMMC deadline?

In 2021, contracts have begun to stipulate CMMC Level requirements as a prerequisite to being awarded contracts with the Department of Defense. By 2026 the DOD will include CMMC requirements in every contract they issue. Whether you are a DoD prime or a sub, you need to be aware of and responsible for managing your business’s cyber risk, to include your downstream supply chain.
  • Extensions to ERP systems
  • Environments that promote collaboration and data entry across a distributed base of stakeholders
  • Integration platforms that pull and organize information from multiple data sources
  • Micro-apps to support on-demand changes to business processes
  • and dozens of other scenarios and use cases.

Who needs to comply with CMMC?

More than 300,000 companies make up the Defense Industry Base (DIB). No matter the size of your organization or the varying level of involvement with the DoD, if your business wants to be able to bid or win contracts, you will need to achieve some level of CMMC compliance.

What is the advantage of complying with CMMC?

Complying with CMMC will position your organization to competitively bid and win DoD contracts. You’ll be protecting your business and reputation, while avoiding the legal implications of non-compliance.

HumanTouch, your cyber risk management partner.

The HumanTouch difference.

As a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) on CMMC-AB Marketplace, our experts are permitted to provide pre-assessment CMMC consulting services, as well as assist if a finding is discovered during assessment.

  • Proven IT & Cyber Leaders well-versed in related regulations and standards associated with Federal Contracting
  • Expertise in FedRAMP, RMF, and 800-171 implementation and assessment
  • Applied experience helping SMB’s understand, define, and manage their cyber risk across their computing environment that support their federal business
  • Active thought-leaders in the Cybersecurity Community, helping to develop and implement industry best-practices for managing cyber risk

Read our published CMMC articles from Federal News Network, C4ISRNET, and National Defense News.

The benefits of choosing our team.

  • CMMC experts that help translate CMMC and cyber risk compliance requirements into actionable
  • Tailored pricing based on your organization’s cyber risk, size and mission
  • Pre-assessments that’ll properly define your CMMC certification Level Requirements (ML1, ML2, ML3, ML4, ML5)
  • Operationalize your organization’s cyber capabilities to stay in compliance
  • Implement cyber capabilities that continuously detect and eradicate threats

Our team is devoted to providing continuous support to your organization because the work doesn’t stop once your organization achieves compliance – but don’t worry we’ll make sure to get you there.