Challenge: One of our Federal Agency clients was faced with a time sensitive problem in preparing to reach every household in the United States for a statistical survey and massive data capture. Within that challenge, the Agency needed to accommodate the various accessibility needs of the 40 million American citizens who are disabled. 

Solution: In preparation for the project rollout, and to avoid any problematic lawsuits, our client engaged the HumanTouch Section 508 Team to provide a comprehensive review and remediation of all its websites and pages. The team has subsequently been assessing, providing remediation for, and certifying hundreds of web sites across our Federal Agency client.

The HumanTouch Section 508 Team set up and currently runs a designated Section 508 Branch within its Information Technology Directorate, Application and Management Services Division. We’re proud of our role in the management and orchestration of their website, including its 508 compliance and accessiblity engineering that allows people to respond to survey questions anywhere — online — from any device or by mail or phone.

The HumanTouch 508 Team plan of action:

  • Establish and maintain Section 508 policies and governance;
  • Identify and assist with the correction of Section 508 non-compliant content;
  • Scan and monitor the network for Section 508 non-compliant content;
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders on Section 508 matters;
  • Develop and acquire Section 508 training materials;
  • Apply Section 508 principles during the Software Quality Assurance phase;
  • Establish a short-term Section 508 waiver process;
  • Implement Section 508 compliance checks and modifying the eSDLC at key milestones;
  • Ensure Section 508 representation and input when creating business requirements;
  • Assist other business departments in their efforts to comply with USCB policy.