By Michelle Turner • March 21, 2019

Program Success Starts with People: The 5 Principles of Monitoring Team Performance (Principle Four)

Principle Four: Rewarding Good Performers

These are the people that make your team rock.

I recommend implementing the 80/20 rule when it comes to your top performers and putting the majority of your effort into developing these folks and ensuring they have the resources they need to become successful. They will become your second team in the future and perhaps already are, as I referenced in my previous post about training needs.

Developing Your Key Assets

You’ll want to meet with these team members regularly, sharing what you can and obtaining their insights to help move your team goals and objectives forward. Provide them with stretch opportunities for leading tasks and initiatives, and ensure they know you are there to support them, both in word and action.

If your company has a bonus or rewards program, tap into it often. This is an easy way to show team members that you notice their work and recognize their contributions. Team members greatly appreciate this and the positive recognition will encourage them to continue to feel good about their contributions.

Performance Assessments 

Lastly, take those performance assessments seriously! You will thank yourself for this and your team will appreciate it, whether they consist of positive summaries or there is room for improvement. Feedback on good performance goes a long way and even with subpar performance, team members need to know how they’re doing. It is important to have a benchmark for progress from a staff member’s vantage point and also from a manager’s vantage point.

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