By Michelle Turner • December 27, 2018

Program Success Starts with People: 6 Steps to Recruiting a Dream Team (Step Five)

Step Five: Hiring & Follow-up

Time Is of the Essence

Timeliness is the most important aspect of the hiring process. If you find a great candidate in today’s market, don’t waste time in negotiating an offer, coordinating with HR and bringing these folks onboard. It is challenging to find great team members and the right prospect should not be taken for granted.

If you’re in a private industry, the hiring process is much easier to accelerate. However, if you are consulting with the government, clearances (or even public trust) are the norm. In some cases, I’ve seen them take a couple of days, but this is a rarity. It often takes several weeks or even several months. In addition to the clearance process, the initial approval process can be cumbersome, with multiple approvals required.

You might be asking why a good candidate would wait around in a scenario like this. A good candidate will only stick around if your position represents a strategic career progression for them, so it is essential that you or representatives from your company stay in contact with the candidate. I have witnessed far too many situations in which the government has finally approved the candidate, only to learn he/she has taken a position elsewhere. This results in a significant waste of time and money – a major setback in the hiring/staffing process.

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